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Cookie Dough and new style Double Choc PB CRISP join the real-food OUTRIGHT bar line-up!

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Cookie Dough and new style Double Choc PB CRISP join the real-food OUTRIGHT bar line-up!

Another OUTRIGHT awesome addition to the ever-growing Outright wholefood bar empire! Nothing but REAL, tasty, high-protein peanut butter-packed goodness here, folks!

Marc promised to change the snacking game and, with that, continues to innovate and, next in-line for the OUTRIGHT treatment?! WEEEELL... a sure-fire winner and sure to be a bestseller in the Mix...Cookie Dough Peanut Butter flavour!

Does it live up to the hype though?! Yes, yes and Y E S!!

⁠Imagine, the taste of ACTUAL Cookie Dough (it is packed with real cookie dough chunks, after-all!!), super soft texture and a tonne of choccy chips for good measure! As devastatingly delicious as the name and label promise!⁠

Next up...a bit of a fresh format! We've had some crunchy inclusions from OUTRIGHT bar but, now? We've got legitimate CRISP!!

In Double Chocolate Chip flavour new OUTRIGHT Crisp makes you think Nestle Crunch, Butterfinger or, even, Cadbury's Crunchie all in an all-natural peanut-butter mashup!! The usual hearty rolled oats, cocoa, CRISPY protein crunchies, choccy pieces and, of course, sweet Low-GI honey and muscle-fuelling whey (this is the first OUTRIGHT bar to hit 20g protein, in fact!) this little hunk of goodness certainly packs memorable flavour and texture...yet another OUTRIGHT delicious bar joining the REAL wholefood peanut-butter based bar revolution!

Pick-up an 'OUTRIGHT Delicious!' MTS Outright Bar Bundle in the Mix today and find out for yourselves why these stomach-friendly, healthy treats are a peanut-butter lovers' dream!⁠

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