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Love M&M's but don't want to take a DETOUR from your diet? We've got the protein bar for you!

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Love M&M's but don't want to take a DETOUR from your diet? We've got the protein bar for you!

Wow...how have we reached the middle of January already?! We've lost our week to an insane flurry of new goodies (woo!! BEST kind of busy!) but we've been hearing from many of you that, on all fronts (and winter cold & flu aside) 2020 has kicked in avengeance this week!

The good news? Given the speed the pages seem to turn on the calendar these days i've no doubt we'll find it's Spring before we know it but, for those of you mourning the rapidly receding festive season, replete with choc and candy as it was, do we have something for YOU!!⁠

Oooooh, yeah...your eyes don't deceive! There's no need to miss the M&M's now as, fresh in the Mix this week, we have the fun M&M's Mini Chocolate Candies crammed (official collab and everything!!) flapjack-style Lean Muscle Candy Crunch bars!!⁠

⁠Even better? High protein, high fibre, less than 10g sugar and 250kcals or less...you won't need to take a 'Detour' from your carefully planned new year diets either!!⁠

A very unique range from Detour (indeed from ANY protein bar or functional food manufacturer...this is the first authentic candy collaboration, save for Mars, Snickers and Cadbury's themselves, we've ever found!!) there are two delicious flavours up for grabs; Chocolate Candy Crunch and, our favourite (of course!!) Peanut Butter Candy Crunch!

⁠Both bars feature a satisfying, jumbo oat-filled base with milk chocolate on the underside and, most spectacularly, are generously adorned with those mini milk choc M&M's...and, in the peanut butter flavour, BIG chunks of dry roasted peanuts too!!!

A perfect post-workout reward thanks to the sustained release carbs offered by the jumbo oats or, candy in mind, a 'Netflix & chill' appropriate snack...sure to make you go M&Mmmmnnn⁠

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