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Do you believe in Miracles? Oh Lo-Dough, you sexy thang!

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Do you believe in Miracles? Oh Lo-Dough, you sexy thang!

It's a MIRACLE!!...a Lo-Dough Miracle *Cake Bar*, that is!!

From the makers of the famous calorie-defying Lo-Dough wraps (or, as most of you folks probably think of them, pizza bases!!) these phenomenal new super low calorie, low sugar, chocolate-coated 'prepped and packed' brownies have, at last, arrived in the Mix!

WE love brownies...YOU love brownies...the guys at LO-DOUGH love brownies...it's pretty much a given! This in mind, they created their guilt-free brownie baking mix, which has been a popular 'pick' in the Mix for quite some time now (packet + water + bake = Key to a 'not so naughty' night in!)⁠

H O W E V E R, how hard is it to ignore a batch of *ready-to-eat*, fresh-baked brownies when that sweet-tooth comes a- calling? Basically impossible, amirite?! Especially when we're all impatient and in a craving-crazed hurry!

We get it, we do. And, fortunately, so do the Lo-Dough team!!

A problem shared is, as they say, a problem halved...and, in this case? It's a problem...SOLVED!! Enter the 'Miracle' (Brownie-style) Cake Bars!! Sweet, substantial, satisfying and generously coated in choccy yet landing at *just 130kcals*...and LESS than a gram of sugar per generous, fudgy bar!!

You gotta take this one on faith, folks; it's a...MIRACLE!

A gym-bag friendly, picnic-perfect snack sensation, baking just isn't everyone's forte (we can't all be Mary Berry!) so these supernaturally delicious, high fibre, diet-friendly 'Chunky Double Chocolate' Lo-Dough treats need NO baking...just unwrap the super-sexy Golden Ticket-style wrapper and get stuck in, wherever you might be!

From Pizza Bases, to Southern-Style Coating savoury goodness to the sweet, sweet brownies (and cakes!!), Lo-Dough have thought of it allll! Pick up a tasty Double Choccy Cake Bar today...you Dough'nt want to miss out!!

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