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Egg-stravagant Limited Editions from My Muscle Mug!

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Egg-stravagant Limited Editions from My Muscle Mug!

Did someone say *Limited Edition* Easter-inspired CAKE?! Well, today's your lucky day!⁠

Within these super-sexy shiny gold pouches waits the most delicious protein-packed easy-to-make (literally just add your milk of choice and microwave!) mug-cake Mixes, all inspired by that egg-citing, egg-stravagant day! ⁠

Yep, we might be a month away buuut, hey, the longer these special edition bad boys are around the BETTER in our eyes; whether your Easter involves a chocolate-filled day or you're more 'Team Hot Cross Bun'...we're on team greedy, and we will certainly take BOTH!

⁠First up, keeping up with annual demand, Em has made her signature'Easter Egg' Mix once again! Light, airy, epic chocolate-y, cake-y goodness similar to the OG Chocolate Brownie flavour but with MORE chocolate and with the addition of a cheeky 'lil caramel-filled choccy egg that EXPLODES into molten caramel once 'baked' in the microwave! And this...with no less than 26g protein (!!) per delicious decadent chocolate mug!

If you're not EGG-static for Easter Egg, how 'bout the brand-spanking-new never-done-before 'Hot Cross Bun' Mix! This one comes in the usual whey (dairy) form but, to share the love, there's aplant-based version, too! #EASTERVEGAINZ for all!

Hot Cross Bun comes with ALL the inclusions - mixed peel, mixed fruit (sultanas, raisins et al!) and marzipan (yes, marzipan!!) to name but a few! - bedded in a sweet cinnamon vanilla base. It's preeeetty special, folks!! If you're hot cross bun bonkers, then this one definitely won't leave you all...'hot and cross'!

High protein and lower sugar all 3 of these *Limited Editions* mean you CAN have your cake and eat it, Easter or otherwise!!⁠

What are you waiting for? The Easter bunny?!? ⁠Grab 'em while their 'hop', folks!!

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