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EHP Labs 'Bless' us with their delicious Plant Based Protein!

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EHP Labs 'Bless' us with their delicious Plant Based Protein!

We do our best to only offer the very best here in the Mix and, this in mind, we well and truly #FeelBlessed to introduce our latest plant-powered arrival... none other than Blessed Protein!

⁠From the guys behind EHP Labs - another new arrival in the Mix - Blessed Plant Protein is an awesome example of what a #vegainz-fuelling dairyfree shake *should* be; sweet (we wouldn't love it if it weren't!!), smooth (if it didn't 'mix' right it could hardly make it into the Mix, right?!), satisfying and...yep...everything you WANT from a protein shake, plant-based or otherwise!!

We know all too well that, when it comes to vegan-friendly, this protein-paragon isn't always what you find in your shaker BUT, BuT, buuuut, folks...it IS what you get with Blessed Plant Based Protein!

...aaaaand the wonders don't stop at mixability and taste!! We're talking 100% raw, natural and artificial additive free
AND something of a powerhouse packing 23g protein per serving (at only 120kcals!) and made with only the finest, sustainable-sourced pea protein isolate!⁠

⁠OK, OK...all impressive, all nice to know but, the important point...FLAVOURS, amirite?! Blessed NAIL this...⁠

  • Strawberry Mylk shakin' up a super-cute shade of blush pink whilst tantalising the taste buds with a sweet strawberry ice cream flavour. Really? It's 'berry-good'
  • Salted Caramel offering a truly sweet indulgent luxurious almost butterscotch like flavour
  • Choc Coconut bursts with strong cocoa-rich vibes with a teasingly subtle Coconut signature.⁠
  • Vanilla Chai offers the perfect balance of sweet, spice and everything nice in a sophisticated all-rounder.⁠
Awesome mixability, delivering a perfectly blended shake buuuursting with smoooth creaaamy taste and texture, 'blessed' with only the best natural ingredients...pure bliss!⁠

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