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ESN Designer ⁠'Thiiiicker than a Snicker', Peanut Caramel Bar hits the Mix!

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ESN Designer ⁠'Thiiiicker than a Snicker', Peanut Caramel Bar hits the Mix!

Yep, it's ANOTHER overly-excited, superlative-stuffed Team Pick & Mix intro as ESN strikes again...we finally got our hands on 'the one that got away'!! The hotly anticipated missing flavour from our launch-lineup a couple of short weeks ago...ESN's Peanut Caramel Designer Bar has finally arrived in the Mix! 

Having already WOW-ed us with the unique caramel-core'd setup of their Designer Bar range, Peanut Caramel faithfully follows the now familiar form, offering gooey guilt-free indulgence, smooth, creamy, low sugar milk chocolate and - the TRUE magic of this bad boy - roasted peanut nibs galore!!

⁠'Thiiiicker than a Snicker', Peanut Caramel is yet another flavour that exceeds expectation in this refreshingly revolutionary range and another 5-star rating in the bag for the ESN squad eaaaasy!!

Ever a team favourite flavour... fans of Snickers-style bars REJOICE!! In fact, step aside Mars!! ESN have got this one NAILED! 

Sweet, soft and 'seriously? This is a protein bar??! good, #Pick&Mix peanut-packed perfection from ESN in the Mix now...yep, as always, by the single bar or mix and match your very own 12-bar bundle in our 'Mighty Mini' Mix (not that, given the SIZE of the flavour and enjoyment found here, there's anything that 'mini' about these 45g powerhouses!!)

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