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#FeedYourAwesome with Awesome Supps' plant-based protein bars!

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#FeedYourAwesome with Awesome Supps' plant-based protein bars!

If you thought Awesome Supps' AWESOME Vegan Protein was the pinnacle of plant-based protein awesomeness...perhaps you should think again!! Awesome Protein Bars have arrived!!

Years in the works, Ben Coomber has scoured the globe (including our own humble store!!) trying every single protein bar and snack he can get his hands on with a view to creating a bar that's not just 'ok', 'good' or 'great' but...AWESOME! In other words, a bar worthy of his brand's stellar heritage and, of course, his brand's bold titular promise!

For sure these have been a while coming but 'good things come' and all that and, now that the tweaked, tuned & utterly tantalising finished products have arrived we're delighted to confirm that the launch duo (more flavours are in the works!!) are *even better* than the samples we were lucky enough to try a few short months ago!

To kickoff we have the completely chocolatey and the fully fruity...namely, Caramel Crunch Brownie and the incredibly sexy sounding Raspberry Ripple Blondie!! #gimme

As tempting as these sound and as eye-catching as their wrappers look, their true awesomeness becomes apparent the moment you chomp into these soft-centred creations...texture. Texture for daaaays! A satisfying nougat core...lashing of sweet caramel (chocolate in one...zingy, natural raspberry in the other)...rich dairy-free chocolate...crispy protein crunchies...yes, yes and YES again!!

Any way you cut it (pun intended!) this is a recipe for snack-success but...delivered plant-based and all natural, too?! Wow. And low sugar, high fibre, packed with protein (18g-20g protein a bar!) and impressively full-flavoured to boot? That's pretty...awesome!

Available in the Mix now - alongside their bestselling, marketing-leading (seriously...try it if you're after a compromise-free vegan shake!!) Choc Salted Caramel Protein - Awesome Supps' Protein Bars offer appetite-satisfying excitement and indulgence that doesn't just #FuelYourAwesome but FEEDS it, too!

Have an AWESOME weekend, folks!

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