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Fill up my (PB) CUP!

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Fill up my (PB) CUP!

Craving... cups?! 

⁠Introducing The Cup Connoisseur's Low Sugar Peanut Butter Cups!!

Made with one of THE most delicious protein-boosted chocolates around (and yes we have tried PLENTY!) made by the guys behind Cocoa Plus! Whether you're after the milkiest of chocolate, or the sweetest of sweet treats, Cocoa+ have teamed with The Cup Connoisseur's to make these guilt-free heavenly goodies!⁠

Whilst you may have previously spotted the WhiteMilk Chocolate Cups in the Mix this past month, Salted Caramel has JUST landed...after the reception you guys gave the White and Milk? Weeellll, we just HAD to track down the Salted Caramel too!

With a SERIOUSLY thiiiic outter shell and the smooothest most sumptuous, generous peanut butter centre, it's tough not to give in to those cravings...only 100kcals, 1g sugar and at least 3.4g protein per cup across all flavours with no compromise on taste or texture, too!!⁠

⁠Reese's will always have a place in our hearts with all those filled seasonal treats and they're the OG for peanut butter naughtiness, but let The Cup Connoisseurs lessen those air miles! Better for you...better for the environment, right? Connoisseur Cups are made right here in the UK with the finest Swiss Choc (OK, so SOME travel is involved!) These will rock your Reese's lovin' world!⁠

Available in classic Milk Chocolate, Milky Bar style White Chocolate or brand new Salted Caramel flavour, this tasty trio have landed in the Mix!

Tried, tested, signed, sealed and delivered (AND just in time for Easter!!)

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