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Filled Protein Cookies?! Yep, looks like we can TRUST the guys at USN to nail more than just bars!

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Filled Protein Cookies?! Yep, looks like we can TRUST the guys at USN to nail more than just bars!

We've got a suitably 'Sunday-Funday' one for you here, folks (well, two to be precise!)...the brand new filled - yes, filled - USN TRUST Protein Cookies!!

On the back of the success of their awesome TRUST Crunch Bars (a team fave!) we've played on 'TRUST-ing' USN when it comes to fun, foodie bits already...more specifically, though, I wonder if their real gift is for wonderfully excessive, over-the-top fillings; as you can see from our snack-stack photo, and following the lead set by the caramel-crammed Crunch bars, these cute and crazy cookies are filled...and then some!

Thanks to this unique, generous filling the two launch flavours - Cookies & Cream and Birthday Cake - reach new heights of sweetness & indulgence, complementing already appetising, impressive protein cookies.

The Cookies & Cream is a real balance of extremes, combining almost bitter dark chocolate with a particularly sweet vanilla-creme. The *most intense* chocolate flavour colliding with the *most intense* creme flavour? This might just be the most Oreo-like non-Oreo cookie out there!!

Find the C&C a bit too intense? Never fear!! There's always Birthday Cake (our fave!!)

Offering just about everything we could ask for in a Birthday Cake snack, USN have brought together soft vanilla cookie (baked through with SPRINKLES!!) and sticky, satisfying, fruity jam. Why is the jammy filling purple? Who knows!! But it TASTES amazing. And of raspberries. And...we can't get enough!!

As if the fun flavours and creative contents here weren't enough to seal the deal for your next elevenses, the icing on the proverbial (and kinda literal!) cake with both of these? The awesome nutritionals USN have somehow pulled off!! No less than 20g protein, only 1g sugar and just 250kcals per dense 75g cookie!

Kudos, USN! You've impressed us again! In fact, if we were to make our own cookies in the Mix? We'd aim for something like the two tastefully ridiculous bakes here!

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