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Fulfil 'Crack' into a new Choc + Caramel flavour just in time for Easter!

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Fulfil 'Crack' into a new Choc + Caramel flavour just in time for Easter!

⁠Dropping just in time for what is, fittingly, already an egg-citingly chocolatey and indulgent time of year (gotta love Easter!), Fulfil's latest creation once again fuses two timeless favourites; (smooth milk) Chocolate and (ooey-gooey) Caramel!!

Sure...Fulfil Nutrition are treading familiar territory here as they DO have a fair few high protein, low sugar, vitamin-fortified bars along these flavour lines already but, from our point of view? You can never have too much of a good thing!!! And *especially* at Easter!!

Choc Salted Caramel, Choc Caramel Cookie Dough, Choc Brownie...the guys have these flavours NAILED from the rest of their line-up so they were never going to swing a miss with this...⁠⁠

  • Creamy milk chocolate... check!!⁠
  • Generous caramel filling... check!!⁠
  • Soft choc nougat centre... check!!⁠
  • Crispy choccy crunchies... check!!⁠
  • Stupidly low sugar... check!!⁠
  • Added vitamins (just because!!)... check!!⁠
  • Wonderfuel... errrm, check!!
⁠Packing 20g protein, less than 3g sugar and a whole load of that guilt-free, tasty, trademark Fulfil indulgence, the new straight-up Chocolate Caramel is sure to 'fulfil' your sweet cravings!

Faced with fullness of the fantastic Fulfil range and can't fix on which to snag?! Don't panic!! As always the newbie, Choc Caramel, is available alongside all your other Fulfil-ing faves in our 'Fully Fulfilled' Fulfil Bar Protein Pick & Mix ⁠bundle on site right now!!!

Thanks, folks!! We made it to April, huh?! Over a year of lockdown later...yeah, we ALL deserve some Easter chocolate right now!! Have a...'cracking' one!! :D

⁠(And roll-on gyms re-opening soooon!!)⁠

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