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Get even MORE 'pumped for plant'! PhD's New & Improved plant-based bars are here!

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Get even MORE 'pumped for plant'! PhD's New & Improved plant-based bars are here!

Snacks on deck, we've got...⁠

Not 1⁠
Not 2⁠
Not 3...⁠

You get it... available now we've got 4 NEW (and, we have to say, *improved*!) PhD Smart Plant Bars in the Mix! 

So what have the guys at PhD got for you now?! WELLL⁠...⁠
- Salted Caramel⁠
- Chocolate Peanut Brownie⁠
- Vanilla Fudge⁠
- Peanut Butter & Jelly! ⁠(a flavour-first in terms of vegan bars in the Mix!!)⁠

Yep, all in all, a pretty sexy 'SMART' array of flavours!! Sweet for our sweet-tooth and plenty of peanut butter for our...well peanut lovin' needs!

And they've certainly delivered on that 'improved' promise... the biggie here? The addition of gooey & gorgeous jammy, caramel making these extra-decadent newbies *JUST* like the delicious OG (Dairy) Smart Bars! Fondant-filling, crispy protein inclusions, choc coating...they're softer, too!!

Even better, there's little compromise on the market-leading macros of the PhD SMART Plant set-up. including 18-20g protein and, whilst slightly higher carb, STILL that incredible low sugar wizardry!!⁠

⁠What to try first?! Salted Caramel!! Delivering a super-sweet, authentic caramel aroma and flavour through-and-through, perfectly finished with decadent dairy-free milk chocolate! An eaaaasy 1st Place with the Pick & Mix team!⁠

...and for the rest, Vanilla Fudge delivers a more subtle flavour but pulls off an extra S O F T texture, Choc Peanut Brownie is more brownie feat. peanut chips than a peanut butter brownie but we're defo here for it, whilst novel PB & Jelly delivers all that peanut flavour _PLUS_ a fun, full-on sweet fruit-y fondant!

Phew...PhD are ON IT when it comes to powering the plant-based!!! Tough act to follow with the original Plant Bars (still available...don't worry!!) and the newer Diet Plant which have gone down a storm recently but, somehow, PhD have pulled it off!!

Definite #Pick&Mix seal of approval here...available in our PhD Plant Bar bundle now!!

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