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Time to get PUMPED (AF), folks! GHOST Pump has squeeeeezed its way into the Mix!

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Time to get PUMPED (AF), folks! GHOST Pump has squeeeeezed its way into the Mix!

It's taken a loooong time but GHOST Lifestyle PUMP Pre-Workout has finally made it into the Mix!!

For the #GhostFam, i'm sure this stim-free pre-workout needs no (re)introduction...in development for over a year and a real labour of love by Dan (GHOST Founder) it unsurprisingly sold out - globally! - in no time at all, following its launch this Summer (it sold out SO fast, in fact, that we never even managed to give it a launch in the Mix!!)

So...what's all the hype about? What makes this the 'legendary', G.O.A.T (that's Greatest of All Time, folks!!) Pump product the guys promised us?

Rocking one of GHOST's fully-disclosed formulas, pump-fuelling Nitric Oxide is the order of the day - no caffeine here, of course, so a great choice for you guys already getting your stims elsewhere (...from GHOST Legend, of course!) or those who hit the gym late and are keen to sleep!) - offering an uber-effective cocktail of tried & tested ingredients (from old school L-Citrulline through to nifty new ingredients like Astragin to help absorption!) Vegan-friendly and no Beta-Alanine tingles, either!!

And all this atop typically awesome GHOST flavours (like the authentic Warheads® Sour Watermelon!)

In fact, for those of you familiar with GHOST's game-changing flavours, you might even find the 2 flavours available here in Pump (Sour Watermelon & Lemon Lime) smoother and even better-tasting than in their Legend counter-parts as they're not having to work with the bitterness of caffeine in here!!

But, hey, don't just our word for it that GHOST Pump is awesome!! Check out Stack3d's (the number 1 source for supplement industry news!) review!! (Spoiler Alert... they LOVE it!!)

Of course, you'll find the flavours (and the formulas!!) of Legend and Pump stack beautifully, though, not only tasting f#^cking awesome, but leaving your veins begging for mercy alongside the amazing energy and focus offered by Legend!

In fact, want to give Legend/Pump combo a try (saving 10% and, *whilst stocks last* getting a FREE Ghost Shaker?)...check out our 'Pumped AF' stack!

Sorry it's taken a while but GHOST are BACK!! Thanks for being so patient, Legends!

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