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Get your hands on GHOST's... Lucky Charms!

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Get your hands on GHOST's... Lucky Charms!

...we've been looking on longingly for weeks and weeks but, at last, we've managed to managed to get our hands on GHOST's... *lucky charms*!! Yup, the latest in their WHEY line-up, Marshmallow Cereal Milk has made it into the Mix!!

It's utterly uncanny how much this stuff tastes like cereal milk! Yes, I know 'the clue's in the name' and all that but... seriously... CEREAL-ously... GHOST have absolutely NAILED it here!! They've somehow poured that #LegendBowl into a protein-packed powder and the best part this time around? The mini marshmallow came with it!!⁠

In our shakes or otherwise, we love a choc chip or a sprinkle or two here in the Mix and Ghost Lifestyle already upped the ante in the inclusion game by opting for giant (genuine Chips Ahoy!) cookie chunks in their Choc Chip Marshmallows!! Real crispy, crunchy, fruity and fun (dehydrated) marshmallows!! And in cute, colourful pastel Pick & Mix colours, no less! ?⁠

⁠Crazy? Yep. A bit of a novelty? Perhaps. But it makes for one pretty unforgettable maelstrom in your shaker and, with the flavour of sweet milk meeting even sweeter marshmallow (plus a decent dash of childhood nostalgia!), it tastes altogether too good to be as guilt-free and on-the-go enjoyable as it is!⁠

Low carb, low sugar, a whopping 25g (fully-disclosed) protein and only 130 calories?! That's pretty magical (with or without a leprechaun!!)⁠

⁠Marshmallow Cereal Milk WHEY, GHOST's wackiest shake to date, is available at The Protein Pick and Mix right now! Guaranteed to liven up your gotta try this one (to be sure!!) 

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