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Get your protein 'Forti-FIX' with FortiFX's triple-layered crispy bars!

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Get your protein 'Forti-FIX' with FortiFX's triple-layered crispy bars!

After a crispy, crunchy, choc-coated, cravings-killing low sugar snack? Well, of course you are!! No duh!

Well, we're pleased and proud to announce, with the arrival of these epic multi-layered crisp protein bars, you can once again get your 'Forti-FIX' in the Mix!!

is a brand with a fair bit of heritage in the fact, one of the first snacks I ever listed waaaay back in 2013 was the FortiFX Peanut Butter Cup bar (RIP)! The tasty triple-layer decadence of that one blew me away right back then and, you know, I'm pleased to report their fresh-baked goodies have lost *nothing* of that flavourful sex appeal over the years! Actually... the team have IMPROVED on it!

The FortiFX bars of today offer the same great ingredients - 20g protein from premium whey (which makes these veggie-friendly, too!), are naturally flavoured and are even gluten free - but the sugars are lower (just 4g here!) and the texture? The texture is __UNREAL__!!⁣

FortiFX have always been known for bold, rich, satisfying flavours and multi-layered bars but, here? Brace yourselves for an intense inclusion-stuffed extravaganza! We've got crunchy granola (haha...those #granolagainz are key!!), we've got pretzels, we've got peanuts, topped with rich fondant and all engulfed in creamy, drizzled, flavoured chocolate.

It's a full-on 'WOW' situation, folks, as hopefully the cross-sections of these badboys show! They're 100% satisfying, salty & *SUPER* sweet sensations...and at just over 250kcals? All too justifiable as well!! #dangerzone⁣

New FortiFX triple-layer protein crisp bars are in the Mix right now, and available in our new 'Get your Forti-FIX' Pick&Mix Bundle!!

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