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GHOST's Coconut Ice Cream WHEY brings 'Malibu to the Mix' for the Summer season!

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GHOST's Coconut Ice Cream WHEY brings 'Malibu to the Mix' for the Summer season!

Well, from the Sun's 30 degree heat to the rainstorm-style downpours this weather's certainly giving us tropical feels!

Whilst there's little chance right now of us being able to whisk ourselves away to an idyllic far-flung sandy shore for some smooooth piña coladas (whilst getting caught in the rain, of course!)...GHOST, as is often the way (recurring theme with cocktails for sure!!), are bringing the #chill holiday vibes to us!! This time? With their returning seasonally-sensational Coconut Ice Cream Whey!!

⁠With the Chips Ahoy! cookie-packing Chocolate Chip Cookie Whey barely in our rearview it's awesome to have another GHOST Lifestyle gamechanger on our striped shelves so soon! ⁠

⁠In comparison to the Choc Chip Cookie, Coconut Ice Cream is less cookies and chunks but SO much more of the smooooooth and refreshing, building upon the sweet, satisfying, fully-disclosed trademark Cereal Milk WHEY experience GHOST are known for by adding a unique, distinctive twist of Bounty-ful coconutty-creaminess!⁠

Finally a coco you can truly go 'loco' over, #legends...this guilt-free Malibu-milkshake is just PERFECT for some exotic #gainz as we enjoy a steamy summer (stay-home or otherwise!!!)⁠

This *Limited Edition* seasonal WHEY is in the Mix now, folks...one and only delivery of these until next year so don't take a siesta on it!!

⁠Enjoy the weekend, all!! July here we come!⁠

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