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Gingerbread Lenny & Larry's...the ultimate Christmas Cookie!

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Gingerbread Lenny & Larry's...the ultimate Christmas Cookie!

It's true what they say, folks... good things come in threes!! Another delicious plant-based snack in all it's festive fiery Gingerbread glory has, as Santa's sleigh soon will, landed!!

Whilst we can't go on holiday just now, we are very much grounded for the foreseeable so of course we welcome with open arms the 'Holiday Recipe' series from the cookie connoisseurs themselves, Lenny & Larry's!!

So far, we've seen the return of that Fall-favourite, Pumpkin Spice, followed by the new Peppermint Chocolate and now? The one we've been waiting for... GINGERBREAD! Oooh, yeah! Now we're talking!! Pumpkin and Peppermint were the warm-up...now the fiiya!!

⁠This one's a winter-warmer - almost a cuddle in a cookie! - with an impressive deep, rich flavour of brown sugar and molasses. And it's SUPER soft and moist (sorry...we said the 'm' word)...think McVities Jamaican Ginger Cake!! Classic dark, sticky, ginger scented sugar 'n spice pudding in cookie format.⁠

Generously-sized, packed with 16g plant-based protein and as all-natural as ever⁠!

Enjoy this one as it comes (with a cuppa!!) or warm it through for 10/15 secs in the microwave for seeeeeriously tasty almost gooey melt in your mouth baked seasonal indulgence - either way, it's stickily delicious!⁠

⁠Another W A R M welcome to the squad, pick-up the whole 'Holiday Recipe' cookie series today alongside Lenny's usual craveable core range in our 'Baked is Better' Pick&Mix bundle!!

(we promise...last of the gingerbread goodies here!! For a bit)⁠

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