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Gimme FIVE!! Yep, we've much to celebrate as Skinny Food Co's 'Cake Collection' Syrups have arrived!

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Gimme FIVE!! Yep, we've much to celebrate as Skinny Food Co's 'Cake Collection' Syrups have arrived!

Oh look!! Here's a surprise! MORE syrup flavours from Skinny Food Co!! And not just a couple... in the Mix right now we have no less than FIVE new flavours!!

Don't get me wrong, folks...even *more* tasty, #NotGuilty, calorie-free sweet syrups? We're not complaining! Haha...astonished, more like! In fact, I just tallied the choices across the range...we're at 27 (!!!) And that's just the SWEET offerings! The savoury sauce flavours are nearly as nuts at 16!! No wonder it was time for a new Skinny Food Co warehouse (they just moved for a seeeerious upgrade!)

The best thing of about this bumper drop? They're all part of Skinny Food Co's 'Cake Collection'! Cake?!! Sign. Us. Up!!!

So, we're talkin'...

Red Velvet Cake - sitting somewhere between vanilla and chocolate with the tiniest hint of fruit (?) Haha..what IS Red Velvet Cake, anyway?! Whatever it is, this one is modestly sweet, subtly flavoured and very...red!

Cookies & Cream - love C&C protein shakes? You'll be right at home here! On the sweet side, not too thick and overtones of Oreo!

Billionaire's Shortbread - thiiiick (a great one for sitting, and staying, atop your pancakes or oats), golden...think Skinny Food Co's Salted Caramel crossed with Butterscotch!

Chocolate Fudge Cake - a deeper, richer (thicker!) take on choc sauce! Imagine Skinny Food Co's classic, OG Chocolate done 'after dark' style; naughtier but still 100% guilt-free!!

Last but not least - our new fave!! - Sticky Toffee Pudding!! The KING of the Cake Collection for us, this sophisticated, brown sugar sweet (that's the coolest part!!), moderately thick syrup will sing through your flexbowls, oats and assorted desserts beautifully...hearty, indulgent and...irresistible!

All sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, prep-friendly Skinny Food Co syrups & sauces have been reloaded now - Cake Collection included - alongside the delicious new low sugar jam flavours (Blackcurrant and, yessss, Raspberry! More on these later!)

Better clear room in those cupboards! ;-)

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