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Is it a Wagon Wheel? Is it a Cookie? Nope...it's Grenade Carb Killa BISCUITS!

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Is it a Wagon Wheel? Is it a Cookie? Nope...it's Grenade Carb Killa BISCUITS!

Before too long Grenade are going to run out of treats to make 'killa'...flapjacks, brownies, bars, milkshakes, chocolate spreads...now? Killa Cookies!! Well...*almost* cookies. In slightly more traditional British fashion, we have Killa BISCUITS!! 

Nothing too traditional about these dunkable-delights, though!! The Grenade R&D team have worked their usual magic and these particular biscuits are high protein (6g per biscuit!) and low sugar (less than 1g sugar each!) and - the BEST part - chocolate-coated! Thank-you, Grenade, and we particularly enjoy the *two* 25g milk chocolate-coated biccies a pack (one biscuit is good...two are better!)

We're kicking things off with two flavours here...Double Chocolate (this has to be our fave...it's a classic!) and an impressively intense Salted Caramel (real Sea Salt in here, it's BURSTING with deep, rich caramel flavour!), and both enjoy a generous, Wagon Wheel-esque choc-coated outer aesthetic.

Inside? Both offer an authentic Hobnob-like texture...not quite crunchy and brittle, but not exactly soft and crumbly either. Whey crispies lurking inside and everything...all in all, VERY satisfying and just a little bit different! We like! :)

These badass (veggie-friendly!) biccies are available in the Mix NOW! Super limited stock from the get-go but more in soon!!

Even better? They're available in our 'Fully Loaded' Grenade Carb Killa Pick & Mix bundle (along with the bars, the Go Nuts vegan bar and new Grenade brownie) and, right now, whilst stocks last, you get a FREE Carb Killa Hazel Nutter Spread with every Grenade bundle, too!!

Yep, we're DETERMINED to make it a 'Killa' Christmas, folks!! ;-)

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