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Grenade are set to Carb 'Killa' your caramel cravings with their new Choc Chip Salted Caramel bar!

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Grenade are set to Carb 'Killa' your caramel cravings with their new Choc Chip Salted Caramel bar!

Don't know about you guys but think it's pretty fair to say that March has begun with a (Grenade like) BANG over here!

What are we talking about?! Well...few brands could cause this much of a kerfuffle; functional food rockstars Grenade have only gone and released a NEW CARB KILLA BAR! And a spectacularly sexy-sounding (and looking, to be fair) 'Chocolate Chip Salted Caramel', no less!! 

...and to think, we were only *just* celebrating the re-release (and revamp!) of their awesome Reload Protein Oat Bars!!

Caramel? Sound familiar? Yep, that's right!! With the same UNREAL low-sugar signature GRENADE caramel indulgence as their OG Caramel Chaos bar (their first ever bar! The one that started the love affair!!), this time around it's softer... saltier... and packed with choc chips!! And this is without even mentioning the extra creamy, smooth milk chocolate we find coating this gem...or its rich brownie core! YES you can taste the difference. And YES it is oh-so-good!⁠

You wanted guilt-free indulgence? You got it!! Or, rather (given we're talking Grenade...only right to rock their hashtag!), #YouGotThis! Packing 20g protein and ONLY 1.4g sugar per bar, W H A T?!⁠

Ohhhh Grenade you are KILLIN' us! ⁠

Choc Chip Salted Caramel... as soft as the White Choc Salted Peanut, as 'Cadbury's Milk Chocolate-y' as the Choc Chip Cookie Dough, as BOLD as the Dark Choc Raspberry, as craveable its less-salty older sibling, Caramel Chaos... Grenade's 'newest recruit' may very well swiftly climb the ranks to become your No.1 before you know it!!⁠

Available in the Mix right now, don't forget you can always lock 'n LOAD (up) on ALL your CK faves (and we all have a few!!) in our Grenade Carb Killa 'Fully Loaded' #PickAndMix bundle, too!!

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