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Grenade goes Vegan!! Nuts on nuts and nuttin' artificial in new 'Go Nuts' Carb Killa's

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Grenade goes Vegan!! Nuts on nuts and nuttin' artificial in new 'Go Nuts' Carb Killa's

We really wanted to dive in here with a pretty obvious play on the name of this new (and more than slightly different...I mean, it's VEGAN, dammit!) Grenade Carb Killa bar - something along the lines of "here's something worth going REALLY 'nuts' for" - but, to be fair, what Carb Killa ISN'T worth going "REALLY 'nuts'" for?! Forget us, your customers. Grenade? Guys? At this point...YOU GOT THIS!

Joking aside, what have Grenade got for us now? Well, in one of the totally surprise launches we've come to expect from them of late, we have the first ever vegan (and all-natural...colours, flavours & sweeteners, the works!) Carb Killa bar and, as you may have guessed from the name, this bar passes up something of the Carb Killa choc-coated-filled-with-caramel experience in favour of...nuts. ALOT of nuts. BARE nuts.

With Salted Peanut as far as the eye can see, this all-new format of Carb Killa is far closer to a breakfast bar in appearance than the typical, beloved candy bar style Carb Killa but, whilst "nuttin' artificial" in here, in a clever twist, this bar isn't quite "nuttin' but nuts" (a slogan we'll have to use for something else, sadly!!)

Beneath the extravagant peanutty top layer in the Salted Peanut 'Go Nuts' bars there's actually a plant-based protein...well...base!! It's chocolatey, sweet (just enough to overpower that infamous vegan protein savoury edge!), both high protein and low sugar (that trademark Grenade Carb Killa magic!!!) and, enjoyed together with the peanut-fest on top, lends this bar a wonderful salty-sweet, crunchy-chewy character that...


...you really ARE going to 'Go Nuts' for!!!

Smaller than a regular Carb Killa bar (only 40g here!) this mini, chunky beauty still achieves a solid 10g protein (impressive for a dairy-free protein snack...that's 25% protein!), and is just 2g sugar (SO rare for all natural snacks!) and only 179kcals! Gluten Free, too!

Salted Peanut 'Go Nuts' protein bars are a 'Killa' first foray into vegan-friendly goodies for Grenade, and available in the Mix right now! And, now, in our Grenade 'Fully Loaded' Carb Killa Pick&Mix 12x bar bundle, too (when each 'Go Nuts' bar will save you 40p off the bundle price...they're are dinkier bars, after-all!!) ;-)

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