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Grenade's sugarfree ENERGY drinks explode into the Mix!

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Grenade's sugarfree ENERGY drinks explode into the Mix!

Christmas is coming and who doesn't need some...CAFFEINE?! 

With the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping and bouncing between work-do's and family get-together's we're sure you, like us, are feelin' the need for a serious boost and, just in the (Saint) nick of time, we have something all-new from Grenade... Grenade ENERGY!!

Sugarfree, naturally caffeinated and with added BCAAs and electrolytes
(to further sustain and recover you this festive season) this is one refreshing stim-sensation, packed full of fruuuity flavour!⁠

Dubbed 'Original', what is this fruity flavour you may ask? It's tricky to pin-down⁠ precisely what's inspired this 'killa' cocktail but, main flavour we take away? Melon!! And, unusually, not watermelon but *actual* melon!! It's surprising, unique and very, VERY drinkable!! 

Arriving in 330ml cans, don't be fooled into thinking these small cans will let you down when the caffeine craving kicks in! Each can packs a punch, delivering around the same hit as a your favourite Monster or 3D Energy, and that's saying nothing of the added aminos and electrolytes!

From their world-famous Carb Killa Protein Bars to their high protein Chocolate Spreads, Grenade have a knack for functional foods and, admirably, aren't afraid to take chances, too (looking at you, Peri Peri Go Nuts!!) but here? In the glistening cans of new Grenade Energy? A burst of bold flavour and a sizeable surge of energy...lightly carbonated, super refreshing and the perfect gymbag-friendly on-the-go fuel!⁠

Stop by soon and (re)fuel your festive fun & frolics!! Haha...important to stay caffeinated this Christmas, kids!!

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