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Finding the day-to-day a bit of a grind? Grab some GRIND NUTS instead!

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Finding the day-to-day a bit of a grind? Grab some GRIND NUTS instead!

Ok... NO ONE enjoys that manic Monday slog!! Whether in the office, working from home or just paying the price for the weekend's various activities and excesses... Mondays all too often can be something of a... GRIND.

⁠Forget grinding your teeth or desperately reloading that coffee machine, though... let us help you turn THIS Monday into a decidedly 'Happy' one! Yep... why not try some GRIND NUTS instead!!⁠

⁠Lovingly handmade - roasted, blended...the works!! - right here in the UK (shout-out to Jenn over there!! Thanks for all the samples!!), Grind Nuts is an award-winning range of artisan peanut butters (...and almond butters, but we're kicking in with PB in the Mix because, well, PB is the one!!) perfect for spreading, spooning, dipping...you know the drill!!⁠

⁠All natural but reassuringly naughty, packed with premium ingredients, we have two delicious flavours to kick us off... Biscoff Peanut Butter and Choc Chip Caramel Peanut Butter How good do THESE sound, huh? ⁠

⁠Satisfyingly sweet, Choc Chip offers a generous number of dairy-free choc chips (oh, yep...did we mention that Grind Nuts butters are vegan-friendly?) whilst Biscoff is blended with...can you guess? Yep... wonderful caramelised, speculoos-y biscuits!! Haha...both are pretty damn irresistible, but i'm sure you can guess which one's our favourite!!⁠

⁠Both butters offer a good hit of healthy fats and peanutty protein and have a pretty unique texture...not crunchy (save for the odd choc chip and biscuitty crumb!) but not quite smooth either; juuuust enough NUT to notice, ya know?

So...welcome to the Mix, Grind Nuts!! All nut butter lovers are going to find something to enjoy (alot!!) here aaaaannddd...we'll have more gorgeous Grind Nuts creations in the Mix soon!!

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