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...for the love of Lebkuchen!! Iced Gingerbread Cookie is a festive first from ONE Bar!

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...for the love of Lebkuchen!! Iced Gingerbread Cookie is a festive first from ONE Bar!

*(...and) Another ONE!* Next in the line-up of spectacular seasonal snacks (with plenty more to follow!) we have something sweet, spiced n' iced; ONE's Pumpkin Pie got us in the mood and now, hellooooo Gingerbread...we've been waiting for ya'!

The clocks have gone back, the temperature has dropped...seasons are a changin', folks! A welcome winter-warmer from ONE Brands, the seasonal special Iced Gingerbread Cookie bar is here to hit you right in those festive feels!

This ONE Bar is sweetly spiced, generously studded with delicious almond pieces and is rocking a soft-centre delivering a creaaamy smooooth gingerbread experience, instantly familiar if you're a fan of the Cinnamon Roll or Pumpkin Spice ONE bars.

We can't deny this one also has an unexpected but unmissable marzipan-y Amaretti biscuit overtone (seriously...you've got to try it!!) which, paired with your 'PSL', is about as awesome as it gets for #autumnalvibes ALL day long!

And, of course, you can benefit from the same outstandingly modest 1g sugar and impressively generous 20g protein per bar as always with ONE Bars...always gluten free and veggie-friendly, too!!

As it's *Limited Edition*, this bar will only remain amongst its fellow fondant coated companions for the duration of this year's festive frolics...once it's gone, it's GONE!

Get in on the seasonal action because this ONE lives up to the hype, grab ONE (OK...this pun has totally run its course now!!) in our 'You've found the ONE' Protein Pick and Mix bar bundle next time you stop by!!

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