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Kale, yeah!! GHOST Lifestyle's stacked GREENs are here! Make your mom proud!

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Kale, yeah!! GHOST Lifestyle's stacked GREENs are here! Make your mom proud!

Wait, what?! A Greens product in the Mix?!!

It's certainly true we're better known for our baby pinks and blues - and certainly our candy and cookies!! - but, yep, we DO offer one or two slightly more overtly #health products in the Mix (shhh...we've even got some multivitamins snuck on our striped shelves!!)...it's just that very, very infrequently do we actually make a fuss about them. It's not that we don't enjoy these things ourselves or see their value but, come on, given the choice wouldn't YOU rather showcase caramel-crammed bars, snickerdoodle shakes or effervescent energy drinks? Thought so.

On this occasion, though? We feel a certain sensibility with the #LEGENDS at GHOST who, like us, are better known for candy, cookies and other assorted (would-be) #PhysiqueDestroyers; a Greens product is something a little different for the guys in Chicago but, damn, have they pulled it off in style, dropping a product worthy of both the GHOST brand and, right here, a glorious green feature in the Mix!!

Notorious market-disruptors when it comes to both the look & feel of their products and the fully-disclosed formulas within, there was NO way Dan, Ryan and the team were going to disappoint when entering an all-new category and, a long time in development, we're sure you'll agree with us that GREENS is something special!

Aside from their uncanny ability to make ANY tub look killer, GREENS goes *so* far beyond its titular promise, delivering not only a super 'greens' stack but also 'reds' (superfruits!) to help you get in your antioxidants (jabuticaba, anyone?!)...both bolstered and boosted with a decent dash of patented Spectra™ (which, added bonus, gives a nice little nitric oxide boost for a bit of a veggie-pump!)

...and THEN prebiotic fibre!

...and THEN probiotics (that oh-so-friendly bacteria!)

...aaaannndd THEEEENNN digestive enzymes!

All in all, GHOST GREENS does ALOT more than it says on the tin, giving not only your immune system but your tum-tum a (surprisingly pleasant tasting!!) tune-up!

On that, famous for their flavours, do you think GHOST would let you down just because talking kale not cereal? Not a chance! Lime? Refreshing, sweet and unique. Even Original delivers a carefully balanced natural sweetness with, for us, subtle Asian vibes, tasting closer to Miso or Matcha Green Tea than hemp or hay. On its own? You'll be looking forward to your morning shot in no time. Mixed with AMINO for a vegan-friendly recovery cocktail? 'Kale, yeah'!

Greens just got LEGENDARY. Original is in the Mix now...Lime coming soon! 

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