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Lenny & Larry's serve up a sandwich!! A *Cookie Creme* sandwich, that is!

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Lenny & Larry's serve up a sandwich!! A *Cookie Creme* sandwich, that is!

YESSSS!! We're back and we're *finally* popping that 2020 cherry with a new post, a new launch and NEW GOODIES!!

Happy New Year, all! Hope 2020 (and the new decade!) has been treating you very, very well so far! So sorry for the uncharacteristically lengthy disruption to new-snack-service in the Mix - it's the same at the start of every new year as suppliers, brands, Customs and couriers whirl back up to speed and play catch-up - but, don't worry, we're poised to make amends with a pretty steady stream of fresh, exciting goodies (and long-overdue restocks!) cued up for the next couple of weeks.

First up, then? A brand new (#Veganuary appropriate!!) launch from some of our oldest friends in the Mix... the mad lads at Lenny & Larry's!!

At this point I don't think there's even the slightest chance you don't know the classic, generous and somewhat giant original Complete Cookies from Messrs Lenny & Larry...all natural, fresh baked, high protein, vegan-friendly; what they lack in conservative calorie counts they more than make up for in wide variety of delicious flavours and full, soft-baked satisfaction!

Many years down the line here in the Mix? We've yet to find a protein cookie to challenge them!!

Pleasingly, undisputed champs though they may be, they don't dilly-dally when it comes to development of new biscuitty baked formats and, the latest to cross the Atlantic? Complete CREMES!! Oh, yeah...your eyes don't deceive you!! Lenny & Larry's have only gone and made...PROTEIN OREOS!

Crunchy cookies sandwich a classic creamy filling in 2 flavours - a rich, dark chocolate and sweet, golden vanilla - with a respectable 6g of plant-based protein per 2x all-natural cookie serving and 1/3 less sugar than that oh-so-famous household brand!

With gorgeous cookie-clad packaging wrapping a generous tray of Cremes - 18 per pack!! - these fun, friendly, new-format (kinda) guilt-free bites are, yes, surprisingly crunchy (way more biscuit than cookie!), but *definitely* irresistible and tempting enough (whether or not you're vegan!) to make you not want to share!

Go(reo) on, folks! You know you want to!

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