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Ready player one!! Level-up like a #legend with GHOST Gamer in the Mix!

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Ready player one!! Level-up like a #legend with GHOST Gamer in the Mix!

Yikes...look out Mr & Mrs Pac-Man! The GHOSTs have levelled-up!

Taking a break from pre's and protein, Dan and Ryan - the digitally-duelling gaming aficionados who head-up GHOST - have brought their inimitable product dev. and design experience to bear and, doing best service to their lifelong 'passion for Playstation', have finally dropped the epic BFG 2020 that is GHOST Lifestyle GAMER!

Available now in all its 'glitched' glory, Gamer marks GHOST's first foray into the fast-growing eSports market and, with it, @ghostlifestylegaming has been born! Make no mistake, GHOST never pull their punches and, made *by* gamers *for* gamers, you can trust this is one fully-loaded addition to the arsenal!!

GHOST Lifestyle GAMER range at The Protein Pick and Mix UK

Taking a very different approach to other supplement companies (who have often taken a lazy swipe at the gaming category...read: 'lose the tingles, boost the focus...job done!'), GHOST have formulated with gaming in mind from the get-go, choosing ingredients like nooLVL™ which have been clinically-studied in eSports athletes with a view to boosting all-important cognitive performance, accuracy and energy.

What does that mean for button-mashing noobs like you and I? Well, from FIFA to Fortnite, milliseconds can make all the difference in terms of reaction time and GHOST Gamer offers sharper focus, faster fingers and lasting energy (they even opted for natural caffeine in here to keep the ride smooth!) to deliver... FLAWLESS VICTORY

Better yet? This cutting-edge Konami Code doesn't just deliver results gaming, studying or coding (or in the gym! Unreal mind-muscle connection on this stuff!!) but it benefits from GHOST's unique flavours too!

Peach is an uncannily natural-tasting flavour-first from the #legends, and then the classic GHOST Warheads Sour Watermelon but, most excitingly for now, we've managed to get hold of a *super limited* number of Sour Patch Kids® Red Berry...as yet unreleased in the UK!! Sour then sweet and pretty sensational...you don't want to miss this!

With 40 sugarfree servings a tub, GAMER has your back, whether dropping in, plugging in or just attacking your day!

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