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Live like a Pro!Brands!! Enjoy Colourful and Crazy new Chips & Energy Drinks in the Mix

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Live like a Pro!Brands!! Enjoy Colourful and Crazy new Chips & Energy Drinks in the Mix

Hey, Pro!Brands, Welcome to the UK and, more importantly, welcome to the Mix! ⁠⁠

It has to be said...whilst we aren't usually about that savoury life, crispy these are a consistently popular snack in the Mix and Pro!Brands' (amazingly shiny) Protein Chips are a welcome crunchy & flavoursome addition; suuuper moreish - a 'once you pop you can't stop' kinda snack - offering 12g protein per bag at a guilt-free 200kcals these badboys are only too justifiable #WatchoutWalkers. From straight-up classic potato chip Sea Salt, to fiery BBQ Paprika to smooth Sour Cream & Onion...on-the-go snacking SENSATIONS!⁠

Next up? A VAST array of BCAA-packing Energy Drinks!! From familiar flavour favourites like Raspberry and Lime though to less conventional Strawberry Watermelon and the exceptionally fun 'Vacay' beachy cocktail-inspired special editions - Paradise Twist & Pink Lemonade - there's for sure a lightly carbonated, sugar-free fruity flavour for everyone!! Vegan-friendly, with 180mg caffeine and 2.5g BCAA's a can, too...these are a vibe for sure!

....aaaaand, something a little different for us!! Collagen is pulling ranks at the moment and for all of its awesome attributes - from easing joint pain and improving digestion to, of course, helping delivering us that healthy glow we all long for, we've dived in to try Pro!Brands' Collagen Energy Boost cans! Collagen-infused or otherwise, ⁠⁠another 2 - unique tasting - flavours here AND caffeine + vitamins!!

⁠Pro!Brands are functional food connoisseurs with a passion for all things tasty (a passion we, and i'm sure, you, share!!) and, from their popped Protein Chips to the HUGE array of BCAA Energy drinks...we think you're going to get a real buzz off of these! 

After a strong start in the Mix already (thanks, guys!!) why not give this colourful, creative new range a try... next time you stop by!!⁠

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