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Looking for a cheeky BOOST?! Check out Cadbury's latest Peanut Boost+ Protein Bar!

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Looking for a cheeky BOOST?! Check out Cadbury's latest Peanut Boost+ Protein Bar!

Answer this riddle, folks...'How do you boost a boosted BOOST?
Easy!! You add PEANUTS, of course!

We often find that the addition of peanuts (or peanut butter or, well, pretty much ANY nut or nutty bi-product, come to that!) is often the answer to many a confectionery conundrum when it comes to making the best *even better* and it would seem, that unsurprisingly, Cadbury UK know that only too well!⁣

This in mind, building on the deliciously unexpected launch of the protein-infused, lower sugar Cadbury Boost+ Bar last year, they've given us a brand new PEANUT-PACKED version!!

Never ones to pull their punches - and the super-sweet Boost has always been an over-the-top one, added protein versions or otherwise! - Cadbury aren't messing around here; the new Peanut Boost+ is an unmistakably peanutty experience, infused with unmissable roasted peanut flavour and CRAMMED with chopped peanut chunks for good measure!

Fair play to them, too...whilst this one is SWEET for sure (creamy Cadbury milk chocolate and gooey caramel see to that!) this bar offers a much more natural peanut flavour than the more peanut _butter_ (emphasis on 'butter'!) note offered by American candy bars and treats like Reese's and Oh Henry! And the real peanuts within the choc-caramel casing here perfectly complement the protein crispies...texture for DAYZ, folks!!

Available in the Mix right now (we've been so looking forward to getting this one launched for you guys!!), new Peanut Boost+ further improves on a popular classic, and the 12g protein and 30% or so lower sugar on the regular, common-or-garden Boost choc bar? Icing on the cake!!

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