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This low sugar 'Chocaholic' trio is guaranteed to SPREAD satisfaction!

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This low sugar 'Chocaholic' trio is guaranteed to SPREAD satisfaction!

Good things come in three's right, folks?! Never more so than today with the arrival of a tempting trio of new #notguilty treats courtesy of The Skinny Food Co...'Chocoholics' rejoice!!

In these new, much anticipated Skinny Food Co spreads, whatever your specific chocolate cravings...the guys have you covered!⁠

⁠Spread 'em, spoon 'em, most all...ENJOY them!! When sweet cravings come-a knocking...grab a spoon and dive in. Easy enough, especially when you know they're also pretty damn guilt-free!

Yep...delicious, decadent, smoooooooth, creamy and authentic though these are they contain 92% less sugar (!!!) than your favourite household-name chocolate spreads...and at only 26kcals per serving!

⁠Another hot off the press diet-friendly delight from The Skinny Food Co (and we can't wait for there exciting new Christmas range of syrups coming very, very soon!!!), grab a generous jar of your fave flavour next time you stop by!⁠

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