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Ltd Edition Dark Choc Gingerbread Misfits

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Ltd Edition Dark Choc Gingerbread Misfits

Forget 'Jingle all the Way'...we're far more about *Gingerbread* ALL the way over here but...sometimes 'whey' just isn't the answer! Right now, prepare yourselves for more of that same, much-loved seasonal flavour but, this time around, in a delicious plant-based snack format!

⁠Introducing yet ANOTHER awesome bar from Misfits... yep, 'tis the season, folks!! Winter-warming Gingerbread is truly all around us and Tara and the team over at Misfits have fired-up this nice (and just a little bit naughty!) Dark Chocolate Gingerbread bar to cater to our seasonal neeeeeeds; the plant-powered bar we all wanted to see, and they well and truly delivered!

This latest - and strictly *Limited Edition* - addition to the line-up certainly ticks alllll those winter-warming boxes, between the deep, dark richness of the truffle-intense choccy coating he feisty spice of the crispy, crumbly baked gingerbread centre and, of course, that low sugar caramel layer!

Matching the same insane Misfits Bar nutritional profile with 15g protein, LESS than 1g sugar and entirely dairy and gluten-free!!

⁠These bars haven't been in the Mix long but unsurprisingly they've already been...*warmly* received! We'd be VERY happy for this one to be a permanent fixture in the range, Misfits *hint hint* and we're sure you guys will agree!! This fun, festive free-from little guy is definitely...un-MISable!⁠

...and speaking of 'UnMIS-sable' Misfits Bars, don't forget you can Pick & Mix all your favourite flavours in our'UnMIS-sable Misfits Bar Bundle' today!!⁠

As always with the sadly limited seasonal flavours? Catch it while you can!! 

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