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M&Mmmnnnn!! Mars' M&M's Hi-Protein Bars bring authentic choc candy crunch to the Mix!

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M&Mmmnnnn!! Mars' M&M's Hi-Protein Bars bring authentic choc candy crunch to the Mix!

...we're just going to leave this here, k?⁠⁠

Haha...yes, the rumours are TRUE, folks!! The candy kings at Mars, having given us everything from Salted Caramel Hi-Protein Mars Bars to Bounty Protein Flapjacks and even, going back a ways, Milky Way Protein Bars, have now created...M&M's protein bars!!⁠⁠

So, with both Peanut and Chocolate varieties up for grabs in the mix right now, the fabulous, fabled M&M's Hi-Protein bars are a thing! ⁠

Packing 15g protein apiece, these 100% authentic bars combine smooth Mars milk chocolate with real cRunCHy mini candy-shell M&M's© and a layered caramel-nougat centre (and, of course, peanuts in the Peanut bar, too!!) to create a truly unique, muscle-fuelling confectionery collab!⁠

⁠The Chocolate flavour? Less caramel and more BROWNIE, with the unmistakable taste of the M&M's layer coming to the fore. The distinctive, yellow Peanut flavour (the OG!!) the crunchy inclusion game is a 50/50 split, with the chunky roasted peanuts complementing the candies perfectly, creating an uncanny Snickers/M&M protein-packed mashup!!!


Lower sugar, lower fat and lower calorie (just 200kcals a bar!), sure (and well played Mars for pulling that off, as per!!) but STILL sweet, satisfying and just naughty enough to (candy-) crush those cravings...yep, these gorgeous newbies represent just about everything we're most passionate about in the Mix!!

⁠Available at The Protein Pick and Mix now - and, of course, available to Pick 'n Mix in our Mars 'Celebrate the Gainz' bundle!! - these too-good-to-be-true additions to Mars's functional food range are every bit as tasty as we hoped and are guaranteed to make you go 'M&Mmmmmnnn'

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