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M&Mmnnn... pass my shaker! Mars drop M&M's Hi-Protein Powder!

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M&Mmnnn... pass my shaker! Mars drop M&M's Hi-Protein Powder!

You thought you'd seen it all from Mars, huh?! ⁠


The latest and greatest from Mars has hit the Mix... we're proudly and excitedly introducing M&M's Chocolate Hi-Protein Powder!! Yeeeee, you know those chocolate-covered candies that definitely have the "once you pop you just can't" stop vibe? Those!!

The Peanut & the Chocolate M&M's Hi-Protein bars have been in the Mix for a year or so now and, impressively, they've remained bestsellers since the start - faves for both for me and the team but also, clearly, for YOU guys - so we KNOW you guys are going to love this stuff!

We've always had a particular soft spot for these tasty little candies... peanut ones, crispy ones, chocolate ones, coffee ones... yup we're here for all of them! Having a post-workout shake that tastes like the REAL choccy heaven deal in guilt-free low carb, low sugar format containing 21g protein per scoop?!

Now we're talkin!

What's the vibe here? Well, if you've been to M&M's World in London (definitely a recommended pilgrimage!) then you know, as you enter, that distinctive chocolate smell that hits you like a tonne of... M&M's (much more pleasant than bricks)? Well, think THAT...impressively authentic in flavour and scent (even if it's, sadly, not 'choc'-full of *actual* M&M's!!)⁠

Good job protein by Mars! Ermmm...could we trouble you for the Peanut one too?!⁠

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