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From 'Muscle Mooses' to 'Burly Beavers'...Muscle Moose launch Twix-style low sugar Beaver Bars!

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From 'Muscle Mooses' to 'Burly Beavers'...Muscle Moose launch Twix-style low sugar Beaver Bars!

Reaching back to the Rockies for snack inspo, Muscle Moose (makers of Moose Juice and, of course, their original guilt-free dessert delight, Muscle Mousse) have surprised with a low sugar, high protein treat dubbed the 'Beaver Bar'!!

Available in two great chocolate-coated flavours to start - Choc Caramel and White Chocolate - each Beaver Bar is, well, kinda *two* bars...nope, we're not talking bites here but...fingers!! Yep, in each pack you'll discover, delivered KitKat style, two satisfyingly chunky triple-layered fingers featuring caramel, atop a cookie dough style core, atop a crunchy, biscuitty chocolate base. Oooooohhhh.

So, if we're used to getting a 'boost from the Moose', here? KitKat's in mind, Muscle Moose are now offering us a 'break with the Beaver'! :D

Haha...truth be told, beyond the 2 finger format, these substantial sticks are actually a far cry from that light, chocolate-covered wafer. Thanks to the crunchy biscuit vibes of the centre and the super sweet creamy choccy coating, these come across far closer in size and texture to supersized Cadbury Fingers (think Twix!!)...especially the White Choc (they taste UNCANNILY like White Choc Cadbury's Fingers, which is a very, very good thing!!)

They're SO jumbo, in fact, that you can imagine a beaver might be best-placed to chomp down on them!! Perhaps that's where the name came from?!⁠ ;-)

Hey...wherever the name came from, there's no question these are some 'dam' tasty bars, weighing in with the defacto 20g protein per two-finger pack...and that for just 220kcal and just over 2g sugar!

Plus...that cartoon beaver is SO cute!!

If you're looking for something fun, something satisfying, something a little different...bag yourself a burly Beaver Bar or two!! Dunkable and delicious, we promise you're going to be impressed!⁠

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