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Ä Nan-Oreo! Cookies & Cream protein pancakes are a cocoa-infused first from Nano Supps!

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Ä Nan-Oreo! Cookies & Cream protein pancakes are a cocoa-infused first from Nano Supps!

...from Mug Cakes to Pancakes!! Following hot on the heels of MyMuscleMug's sensational seven-strong new flavour drop on Friday (!!), Nano Supps have surprised us with 'Ä' bit of a gamechanger as far as their fun, filled (and fun-filled!) protein pancakes go!⁠

Reaching new levels of awesome 'Cookies & Cream' flavour Nano Pancakes have arrived in all its gorgeous chocolate-y glory!!⁠

Opting for the first time for a dark and enticing cocoa pastry (rather than the toasted-looking buttermilk-coloured classic scotch pancake look) this one certainly grabbed our attention from the get-go and, whilst we aren't knocking the OG Nano style, we have to say - Oreo-oh-yeah!! - Cookies & Cream has *just* snuck top-spot for us!⁠

⁠So what's going on inside the fluffy choc-infused Nano Supps Cookies & Cream pancake you ask?! Well folks, in true cookie-sandwich style, it's packed with sweet vanilla creme style glorious, gooey fondant!! Just think, if Oreo made pancakes...

It's hard to believe that these unique little fresh-baked snack-sational pancakes pack the best part of 15g of protein and come in barely over 150kcals as well and being fun and awesome-tasking but the Ä team have really nailed it with the format of these and now they're just flaunting it, one delicious, perfectly packaged pancake at a time!⁠

Want to get involved? Well, for these pancakes the only mixing you'll need to do is...'Pick 'n Mixing'!! Grab your very own pancake 12-pack in our 'Flippin Great' Nano pancake bundle on site today...from traditional Afternoon Tea style jam-filled Peach through to indulgent, straight-up Caramel flavour there are PLENTY to choose from!⁠

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