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Nano gets an 'Ä+' for these low sugar, Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Cream Spreads!

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Nano gets an 'Ä+' for these low sugar, Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Cream Spreads!

With Valentine's Day on the horizon.... Nano are here to SPREAD the love with these cheeky new 'Protein Cream' Choccy Hazelnut Spreads!

With creamy, smooth Milk and White Chocolate varieties up for grabs and made with real toasted hazelnut and added protein (whey protein isolate at that!!) Nano aren't messing around here, folks!! Even better, they're SUPER low sugar (less than 0.1g!!!) and deliver full-on, indulgent, irresistible flavour and velvety texture without the diet-devastating consequences!

For the Milk Chocolate, think...Nutella (yeah, you know the drill on these choc hazelnut ones!!) Ferrero Rocher meets Dairy Milk but with no added sugar and crunchy little hazelnut pieces It's a classic and Nano-way did ä let us down!!

White Chocolate? Well...always unsurpassed indulgence as this one, also made with real hazelnuts, is as creamy and dreeeamy as can be! A super sweet sensation that makes us think of the insides of Kinder Bueno!!

We've heard these spreads go fairly well with pancakes, too!! We're sure you all know the Nano Ä fresh-baked filled protein pancakes by now (god knows they've been bestsellers in the Mix for ages now!)...just a little #lifehack for you: dunk or drizzle a pancake and thank us later (ooh and also you better believe these spreads will be on pancake day....be ready, guys, that's coming up soon!!).

Whichever flavour takes your fancy, 'pick' your passion (or, ya know, grab them BOTH...it's aaaall good!!) and spread 'em, spoon 'em, most all...ENJOY them!!

Stop by soon and get your gainz-fuelling, not-naughty nutella fix in the ⁠Mix!!⁠

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