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Nano Ä go for the Cheeky 'Double'!

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Nano Ä go for the Cheeky 'Double'!

After surprising us with energy drinks a short while back, Nano å have returned to their awesome baked-is-better roots and once again delivered a fun, filled (and fun-filled!) protein pancake in the dreamy sounding ‘Creamy Double Chocolate’ flavour!⁠⁠

⁠Forever searching for your next chocolate-fix? If you’re hopeless, helpless lovers of chocolate as we are, this one is CERTAINLY going to offer some serious satisfaction, bringing the same dark and enticing cocoa pastry that we’ve all enjoyed in Nano’s Cookies & Cream pancake but, this time, with a chocolate cremé core à la their classic Chocolate pancake!⁠

Chocolate on CHOCOLATE!

Whilst we’re of course very fond of the traditional scotch pancake-esque base we’re used to in these – it’s a classic! And it works beautifully in the caramel, vanilla and peach flavours and the rest - the none-more-chocolate has certainly added a new decadent dimension to these already delicious, perfectly packaged pancakes!⁠

…and with 16g protein a-piece, mad low sugars (2.8g), under 140kcals, we’re talking, as ever, UNREAL macros for such truly unique little on-the-go, mega-convenient snack!!

⁠Any way you cut it, these tasty Nano Supps pancakes are an awesome alternative to the ‘functional’ protein bar when you fancy something a little bit different!

With an abundance of craveable flavours to choose from, get involved in our ‘Flippin Great’ Nano Pancake Bundle today and #Pick&Mix between the classic American-style sweet caramel-filled Caramel (go figure!) and custard-y Vanilla pancakes, the jammy Blueberry and Peach fruity sibling or, yep, get stuck into the fresh-format chocolate sandwich style in Cookies & Cream or Double Chocolate!

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