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Naughty but Natural! Miiro Plant-based M&M's have arrived!

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Naughty but Natural! Miiro Plant-based M&M's have arrived!

Whether it's just another day in paradise or an end to your working week...it's time for treats and we've got JUST the thing!

Hot off the press, fresh in the Mix Miiro Crispy Coated Choccy Candies with Peanut Hearts and a conscientious twist...that is to say, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, lower sugar, naughty but natural M&M's!!!

Miiro first stole our hearts with their awesome plant-based Ice Cream lollies - think Vegan Magnum but BETTER!! - which were love at first bite for us. Unfortunately? We still haven't figured out a way to ship you ice cream (one day!!) BUT you bet we can get these delicious Choccy Coated Peanut Candies⁠ to you!!

⁠Fun, wholesome, plant-based yet indulgent and with no sacrifice on the all-important taste test front, there's now a healthier and truly irresistible kid on the block delivering these iconic colourful, crunchy and nutty favourites...and rumour has it that, soon, they're coming at you with not just these peanut-filled treats but classic Smarties-style coated choccy candies, too!⁠

⁠These cute little 100% natural M&M's style snacks are in the Mix now! Whether you're following that #plantbased life, skipping out on gluten or just looking for something to curb those American-style sweet candy cravings, why not 'pick' up a pack today?!

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