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New High Protein Peanut Butters arrive with a... KAYOW!!

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New High Protein Peanut Butters arrive with a... KAYOW!!

Did someone say PEANUT BUTTER...whilst we've welcomed several PB-based snacks to the Mix, it's been a HOT minute since we've been able to celebrate the arrival of some ACTUAL Peanut Butter, and this ones' arriving with a... KAYOW!!

⁠We're a fussy bunch in the Mix when it comes to peanut butters and it's fair to say only the BEST will do! We've tried, tasted, spread and spooned our way through butters this whole mad mad year to find some new high protein spread worthy of your oats and bagels (AND to measure up to some of the nut butter MVP's we bring over from the States) and, at last, we've found some...⁠

⁠Druuuuum rolll...⁠

⁠...WELCOME to the Mix, Kayow Nutrition!

⁠So this selection of sticky, smooooth, high protein peanut butters come in Salted Caramel, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and Crunchy varieties... OK, whilst not most cRaZY sounding flavours, they're all classics and they don't pull any punches...what's a whaaacky flavour name without actual flavour?! With more in the pipeline we have a feeling these are just a *TASTE* of what's to come!⁠

⁠And with less than 1g sugar (!!) per 15g serving and impressive 5g protein (that's over 30% protein!) per serving these are just about market-leading... baaack of the net!

⁠Best flavour? Well, Salted Caramel comes out tops for us...whilst it's true-to-flavour, we think if you're a fan of biscuitty treats this one's going to hit you riiiight in the...hobnobs! McVities vibez!


Great tidings we bring... with these 4 kings (yeah, traditionally it's 3 buuut 2020 has dealt us enough random hands!!) 'tis the season to embrace that peanut butter lovin' life and this stuff has come along at JUST the right time!⁠

⁠Dive head first into one of these dreamy decadent super-spreads, spoon it, drizzle it, spreaaad it but just know you WON'T be able to stop! Plus...with no added sugar and ADDED protein it's entirely justifiable, riiiight?!⁠⁠

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