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New & improved seasonal Gingerbread ISO-Protein flavour from Yummy Sports!

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New & improved seasonal Gingerbread ISO-Protein flavour from Yummy Sports!

Nothin' screams festive quite like Gingerbread...one of the most traditional of baked Christmastime treats! Gingerbread houses, gingerbread men, gingerbread biscuits, gingerbread...Yummy Sports!! YES, PLEASE!

ALL the way from Canada and a firm favourite in the Mix in 2019, Yummy Sports and their Whey ISO-Proteins have already caused quite the stir thanks to their sweet and outlandish flavours, each and every one designed to make the no-fuss formula of their premium quality isolate deliver the very best enjoyment and experience, and all this presented in their unique, colourful and quirky fairy-tale themed bags!

With some fantastic flavours under their belts already from 'Creamy Eggz' to 'Peanut Butter Cups' these guys, refreshingly, don't take themselves too seriously buuuuttt...just seem to get it right EVERY time! This in mind, without further a-do (and very appropriately for the season) we welcome seasonal, *limited edition* GINGERBREAD to the party!!

New and improved from the sample-sized Gingerbread outing last year from Yummy, the Gingerbread man has paid each and every bright blue bag (like the recent Cinnamon Bun, these are cute 454g, 15-serving bags!) a visit, leaving some of his magical Christmas flavour and charm behind!

For Yummy Sports? We think you'll find this a surprisingly understated one; sweet? Of course!! Yummy? VERY! But fiery & spiced? Actually...not so much! Smooth, sweet vanilla milkshake with just a twist of candied ginger makes this one you'll look forward to drinking every day!!

Get your Yummy Sports 'fix in the Mix' today. If you aren't feeling all that festive yet? You will be soon...Santa's favourite Shake is HERE!⁠

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