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Meet your new best Buddy! All-new Jim Buddy's Protein Donuts are fresh-baked and fresh-in the Mix!

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Meet your new best Buddy! All-new Jim Buddy's Protein Donuts are fresh-baked and fresh-in the Mix!

'The name's Buddy. Jim Buddy'.

Ever notice how the daring & debonair creator of the world's most delicious protein donut shares his initials with a certain similarly elusive man of mystery? Coincidence?

Haha...truth be told, given the selfless, determined pursuit of the perfect healthy, protein-packed, ring-shaped snack by Tom and the rest of the Jim Buddy's team (which now spans the globe!) over the years? JB shares more in common with the Terminator! Jacked? Pfft. Well, obviously. But, as of right now...BACK IN THE MIX!!

It's true, folks! Making the leap from T-800 to T-1232352345, 'Buddy is Back', upgraded & ready to deploy!!

Relaunching in 2 all-new (and 100% unique to the Jim Bakery bakery!) flavours, an all-new & improved bakery-fresh recipe (and this is the new Jim Buddy's bakery Stateside...these doughy delights are now made in the US-of-A, the undisputed home of the decadent, delicious donut, physique destroying or otherwise!!) and, as you probably spotted, an all-new, irresistibly cute, colourful (& very Pick&Mix-appropriate) look!

...it's a 'hole' new world!

For now we wave goodbye to Choc Orange, Peanut Butter and Vanilla Bean (and, blessing to some, curse to others, the icing) - so long, guys! Thanks for the memories! - and we welcome Chocolate (sounds 'meh', but just wait 'til you try it! It's rich, naughty, cakey and almost coffee-intense! *Even better* zapped in the microwave) and, brace yourselves, Cake Batter. It's sweet, soft, moist and caresses the tastebuds with velvety vanilla notes... i've no idea what Angel Food Cake tastes like but it should be this!! :D

Make no mistake, awesome though they are, with changes a-plenty Jim Buddy's new creations will be a bit of a surprise to the faithful...yes, that tasty but (very) temperamental icing has gone, they're no longer gluten-free and they've snuck north of the 99kcals BUT 'delicious hole food' they still surely are; low fat & low sugar with MORE flavour, MORE protein, better value, bigger boxes (10 donuts to a pack! Woo!!), waaaay more sex appeal and ultimate grab & go convenience with the new packs!!

**Limited** first UK stocks of new Jim Buddy's Protein Donuts - the original low calorie, high protein donuts - are in the Mix now, along with all-new Protein Pick and Mix bundles & stacks!!

Happy Friday, folks...you 'DONUT' want to miss this!

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