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No Veggie Spiking here! Meet GHOST's delicious PB Cereal Milk Vegan Protein

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No Veggie Spiking here! Meet GHOST's delicious PB Cereal Milk Vegan Protein

Whilst we're undoubtedly better known for our range of delicious and distinctive Whey protein, we know what a struggle it can be for you, our dairy-free brothers and sisters [plant], to find genuinely tasty plant-based powders (totally not OK! [no] - which is why, every chance we get, we try-out the latest & greatest on the vegan side of the market to see what's worth your tastebuds, time, money and macros. We got your back!!

This in mind, imagine how excited we were when we heard that the flavour-fanatics at GHOST Lifestyle were dropping a plant-based protein. Surely if ANY company were going to nail a vegan protein it would be these guys!

Well, as usual, the second it launched over in the States we rushed a couple of tubs in to try and...damn did Dan and the team deliver!

Packing 21g protein per scoop and a crazy-novel, truly fully-disclosed (this may actually be a global first!) - Pea Protein, Pumpkin Protein and Watermelon Seed Protein (excuse me?!) in here - blend...and NOT packing any sugar, soy or gluten, GHOST Vegan delivers right across the board and ESPECIALLY when you factor in what the first, launch flavour is... Peanut Butter Cereal Milk®

Yep, they only went and did it, folks...they've somehow faithfully delivered their trademark, game-changing PB Cereal Milk in a totally milk-free shake! And, SOMEHOW, it's as sweet, rich, creamy and slurping-cereal-milk-from-the-bowl-smile-inducing as ever!

Is it just as smooooth as GHOST's Whey blend? Not *quite* (haha...we're not sure anything could be THAT smooth!) but we're sure that when you try this? You won't be complaining!!

Above all else, we want you to savour an enjoy each and every shake, dairy-free or otherwise, you buy from us, and GHOST Vegan is a new fave and a very worthy addition to our plant-based protein lineup; it looks great, it tastes great and, whilst stocks last, it even comes with a FREE GHOST Infrared Shaker!!

In fact, to celebrate our huuuuge restock, get a FREE Shaker with any of our GHOST stacks, too!

...and, don't worry! Absolutely NO Veggie Spiking here, folks!

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