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Nano-way were Protein Pancakes enough from Ä Nano!! Chocolate-filled Protein *Cakes* are available now!

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Nano-way were Protein Pancakes enough from Ä Nano!! Chocolate-filled Protein *Cakes* are available now!

As we begin the very welcome slide into the weekend thoughts inevitably turn from bars and shakes to...sweeter, more desserty fare. Donuts...ice cream...CAKE. All the post-comp, 'cheat day', #PhysiqueDestroyer faves.

But, hold up, what's this from Nano Supps, makers of our favourite choc/caramel/jam-filled, protein-packed fresh-bakes? The...#CAKECHANGER?!

Yep, Ä Nano have only only gone and done it again, folks!! Following on from their uber-popular range of Protein Pancakes, available in the Mix right now we have the similarly unique, fun, filled, too-good-to-be-true...Chocolate Protein *Cakes*!!

Doing for cute little fairy cakes what they did for the humble pancake, Nano have delivered decadent, dinky delights (really dinky!! They're a modest 26g each and, WOW, are they adorable!!) that are soft, fluffy and fresh - and generously filled with their trademark chocolate creme!! - yet high protein, whole grain and with no added sugar!!

Quite the feat of Hungarian protein snack engineering, I sure you'll agree!!

If you're a fan of Nano's Protein Pancakes (and who isn't?!) you'll be right at home here; equally well-presented and on-the-go friendly, the filling is wonderfully flavoursome and familiar...the sponge outer as cakey, fluffy and authentic as ever...it's even decorated with the same Nano 'ä' (which, we know, kiiiinda makes these look like cartoon frogs, eyes and all...but that just adds to the cuteness!!)

Packed with 22% protein (over 5g per mini cake bite!!), just over a 1g sugar, and the usual delicious, fresh-baked, wholegrain ingredients, the 'Ä Team' (and they are!!) have impressed us yet again. :D And at just 76kcals each and only £1 (!!) when bought in box...these are a must-try, folks!!

PS. Don't, as we did, try to drop one of these into a toaster (it's too small! Froggy won't be hopping out in a hurry!!) but, just as with Nano Supps' pancakes, these do heat-up a treat...few secs in the microwave is a *much* better bet, though!

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