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Nutry Nuts Protein PB Cups now available in the Mix!

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Nutry Nuts Protein PB Cups now available in the Mix!

You're not going to believe what we have for you here, folks...as if the photo doesn't say it all, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups! And not just ANY Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups...protein-packed, lower sugar (EXTRA tasty) NUTRY-cious ones!!

Rocking the same famous, distinctive corrugated-edge filled-cup format made famous by a certain vividly orange, beloved American candy brand We're delighted and excited to introduce you to a similarly vividly-coloured homegrown brand...Nutry Nuts!

Using only the finest protein-boosted milk chocolate and all-natural roasted peanut, new kids on the block, Nutry Nuts, stole our hearts with their high protein peanut butter cups several months back, and we've been going 'nuts' waiting to be able to offer them in Mix!! Well, finally...they're here!! And, yep, you're gonna LOVE them!

Each hazard-yellow pack of Nutry Nuts (there's no chance you're going to lose these as you snack in the darkness of the cinema, that's for sure!! Phew!!) offers 2 generous PB-filled milk choc cups, each packing a crazy 7g protein (14g protein a pack...that's going on **70% MORE** than your former PB-cup fave!!) and less than half the sugar of the same. That, plus the gourmet taste? Gluten Free, palm oil and preservative free, too?! Ding, ding, ding...we have a winner, folks!!

Available in the Mix right now, Nutry Nuts pick up where Quest left off with their disappointingly salty, chalky (but, at the time, unique!) 'Cravings Cups'!

If peanut butter cups are your jam (and they should be!) do yourself a favour a 'pick' a pack of these guilt-free badboys soon (and, with the heatwave having FINALLY subsided here in the UK, they might just arrive with you at their delicious and decadent best, too!!)

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