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On-the-go Protein Pancakes?! 'Nano' we've seen everything!

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On-the-go Protein Pancakes?! 'Nano' we've seen everything!

...are you ready for this? It's another first! On-the-go protein pancakes!! And not just that...they're fresh-baked and cream-filled too!! Ä Protein Panckes are HERE!

When we saw these, from the makers of Nano BCAA, launch over in mainland Europe a few weeks back we weren't holding out much hope we'd get our hands on them any time soon but, low and behold, here they are already, in all their 'stuff'd stack' glory!!

With an impressive 16g protein (especially awesome considering these are only 45g per pancake!!), less than 3g fat and no added sugar (less than 3g sugar!!), we were mad keen to dive in...SURELY these couldn't be as good as they looked?! Pleased to report...they TOTALLY are!!

With a soft & fluffy texture (amazingly they've managed to steer clear of that notorious protein pancake 'rubberiness' i'm sure we all know well from failed kitchen experiments!!), these really DO taste fresh baked like they promise and, as an awesome surprise inside, a generous pocket of rich, sweet, creamy-chocolatey (using great quality Whey protein too!!) filling! It adds a whole new level of delicious 'food-porniness' to proceedings, and really helps to keep these oaty delights moist and soft!

2 flavours up for grabs here to start! Chocolate (with a rich, chocolate filling) and Vanilla (with, you guessed it, a sweet, creamy-custardy filling)...both are super tasty buuuutt....well....chocolate is chocolate, right!!!

Each filled, whole grain, mini pancake stack has been wonderfully browned on both sides too (in Bake Off terms, GREAT 'bake' on these!!!) and it's even got a cute, scorched logo 'ä' on it!

Hate to say it but...these are yet another 'must try', folks!! On-the-go Protein Pancakes totally work, as far as we're concerned!!

...and just try zapping one of these in the microwave for a few seconds!!! Life. Changer.

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