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OUTRIGHT bars get White Choc Chips and juicy Cranberries in Marc's latest flavour!

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OUTRIGHT bars get White Choc Chips and juicy Cranberries in Marc's latest flavour!

...and Mr.Lobliner is back with yet another downright delicious OUTRIGHT bar!!

Yep, now we have the similarly sensational 'White Choc Cranberry Peanut Butter' and, again, this healthy, hearty, nutritious nugget punches WAY above its weight in the snack stakes, protein-packed or otherwise!

Like the Oatmeal Raisin and Choc Chip flavours before it, good ole' peanuts, oats and honey - infused with MTS Nutrition's very own Whey isolate - are the stars of the show here, not only delivering bold flavours and timeless decadence but also all-important, real-food nutrition and a satisfaction you just can't beat!! 

In this latest flavour, Marc has allowed gorgeous white choc chips to sneak in, alongside real dried cranberries...another classic American flavour combo executed perfectly!

The bar is remarkably moist and fresh ( all the Outright Bars are! They're only made in small batches, so none will be long out of the bakery!), offering an incredible mixture of crumbly (that's the GF oats!), chunky (that'll be the choc chips!), creamy (heeeyyy...those white choc chips again!) and chewy (juicy cranberries!!) textures that you'll be craving long after the bar has been OUTRIGHT demolished!!

That distinctive OUTRIGHT bar taste is here in abundance - we're thinking, thanks to the honest, unvarnished ingredients at play here, the fundamental flavour will be something of a signature across all of these - and, once again, you'll snag yourself 15g quality protein here, and no fillers, humectants or weird fibre in sight!

At the end of the day? White Choc + PB. Oats + Honey. There was NO way Marc could swing a miss here, and that brings us up to *3* awesome flavours of OUTRIGHT bar! Bring on a 4th, please! Oh...and those new wafers...and that peanut butter!!)

All flavours of OUTRIGHT bar are available in the UK at The Protein Pick and Mix now...and you can even Pick&Mix a bundle of 6 for a cheeky saving!

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