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OUTRIGHT real and OUTRIGHT delicious...MTS Outright bars ain't a game!!

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OUTRIGHT real and OUTRIGHT delicious...MTS Outright bars ain't a game!!

BOOM!!! Here's something a little different, folks...the MTS Nutrition OUTRIGHT bar has made it the UK and in to the Mix!

The isn't just another protein bar (although it DOES get you 15g of the good stuff...and in large part from MTS's own awesome whey isolate!) and nor is it just any old 'all natural' bar, either; Marc Lobliner's entrance to the functional food market was always going to 'upset the apple cart' a bit but we definitely didn't call THIS!

We're going to save you the suspense here and just say it...OUTRIGHT bars taste AWESOME! Awwwwwesome. Texture, too, is unreal...we can say, without hesitation, that they're like nothing else we currently have in the Mix (or have ever had in the Mix, come to that!)

But, you know what? It's not all that surprising. Thing is, Marc, with the Outright Bar, has gone where few dare in the protein snack arena (and even those the healthfood/natural side of things!) by *completely* forgoing prebiotic fibre (your Quest-style bars) and - this is the amazing bit - glycerin/glycerine (Carb Killa, Barebells-style) too! Bold.

This might not seem like much but...it's actually pretty huge! Protein bars are usually made using one or the other (or a combination!) to not only bind everything together, but to deliver a good texture, to sweeten and to reduce the carbs/sugars (the magical trick performed in MANY of our fave bars!)

For Marc to have delivered a bar that's suitably sweet and moreish, with a truly great texture - not chewy, not dry but, somehow, comfortingly crumbly - without relying on prebiotic fibre/IMO or glycerin/polyols? Serious props! Not only does this make these bars, for lack of a better word, taste and feel 'REAL', but it totally sidesteps the stomach distress some feel when going heavy on the fibres or polyols! Very cool.

How has this been achieved? SOOOO easy. REAL, natural ingredients! Nothing more, nothing less! Peanut butter, rolled oats, honey, raisins, premium whey. That's. It.

With Choc Chip Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Raisin Peanut Butter at launch, these chunky, hearty little bars are rocking fewer than 7 ingredients...simple (almost handmade-looking!) but, yep, OUTRIGHT delicious!

Sure, you'll notice the sugars are high here, but it's all from natural honey and, MOST importantly, for how natural, rich and irresistible these taste? A price worth paying, we're sure you'll agree!!

Mr.Lobliner isn't playing a game here, folks! His Outright bars taste great and will leave you feeling honest-to-goodness great. 

A REAL real treat, and one you need to try soon!!

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