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PEScience's Focus-focused Prolific Pre-Workout gets a juicy Tropical Twist!

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PEScience's Focus-focused Prolific Pre-Workout gets a juicy Tropical Twist!

...aaaahh, got to love a sunny weekend!! Looks like the elements conspired to give us a pretty decent taste of Summer up and down the nation...a very promising start to June!!

And, speaking of a 'taste of Summer', it's high time we introduce you guys to the latest flavour of PEScience Prolific to land in the Mix...Tropical Twist!!!

Fair to say we tend to go a little bit more crazy over wackier, candy flavours over here but...'Tropical Twist'? Daaaamn..it's a Tutti Frutti!!

Trying this one was one of those surreal sensory nostalgia trips (worryingly, more frequent now i'm getting on in my 30s!) and, supplement or not, I found myself transported back to my candy-fuelled youth...yellow 5p Tutti-Frutti sticks, anyone? Haha...now I look I can't find them ANYWHERE to illustrate but, more familiar, try Fruit Salad chews with an extra 'twist' of pineapple!

Yep, it's a sweet, summer sensation and right up there with Raspberry Lemonade and Cotton Candy for me in the Prolific cocktail line-up!

Any of you folks not familiar with Prolific? It's a funny one...it's SO popular over here, we actually forget to promote it! Oops. For the uninitiated, though, this is one of those pre-workouts good for any day and any session, rocking all the PEScience hallmarks; (obviously) great-tasting, reliable, researched ingredients and as much care put into the _experience_ on it as the efficacy of it (which we often find overlooked in supps!)

Sure, you may think the 160mg caffeine is light...but, trust me, you won't miss it (and certainly won't miss the caffeine-crash or sleeplessness!) Clarity, focus, pump and NO BETA-ALANINE TINGLES...*that's* what it is to feel 'Prolific'!

You a bit of a stim-junkie? Try a double-scoop of this...a pinch of PES High Volume...you'll never have a better workout!

We've been slipping samples of this new flavour into orders for while to get you guys trying how awesome Tropical Twist Prolific is but...that's not enough!! How about some freebies to sweeten the deal?!

Yuuuup, *whilst stocks last, get a FREE PES Shaker & Amino-IV Mini with every tub of Prolific!

Have a great week, folks! Roll on Summer!

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