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PEScience Limited Edition Kiwi Lime Flavour High Volume & Prolific Now Available!

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PEScience Limited Edition Kiwi Lime Flavour High Volume & Prolific Now Available!

As you guys know by now, we're BIG PEScience fans over here and, after the excitement of the unique trio of Select Protein Bars (which we might just have a special offer on at checkout at the mo!), we were about ready to get back onto raving about something new on the supplement side of things and, sure enough, they haven't let us down!

Freshly squeeeeezed into the Mix, we have an *EXTREMELY LIMITED* number of brand new, limited edition Jeff Nippard signature Kiwi Lime flavour High Volume and Prolific tubs!

Not only a boundless source of knowledge (check his Youtube, folks! You'll be hooked...a fun watch, and he know his stuff!), Canada's own Jeff Nippard is clearly a man of impeccable taste; it's not easy to come up with a flavour to stand up to those already available in the PES stable but he's done just that!

Kiwi Lime? Haha...we can't say Kiwi is a flavour we've seen too much in this sports nutrition, but it just happens to be Jeff's fave and PEScience are all about bucking industry trends soooo...here you have it!! If you're a lover of lime you'll be right at home here, but with a distinctive kiwi twist? It'll do!

Prolific and High Volume?
"What's the scoop?" Well, for those not familiar with these bestselling pre-workouts, Prolific is PES' Focus-Pump powerhouse (whilst it has a caffeine kick, the magic of this Pre comes from the NeuroFactor and the Citrulline...no tingles, no crash, just clean energy, focus and a sick pump!) and, beyond this, if you veins can handle the 'volume'?

High Volume is our fave stim-free, caffeine-free Pump product BY FAR...an industry benchmark (trust us!) Awesome alone...AWESOMER when (PE)Stacked!

*Sigh* Yep...this is yet another PES super limited edition job we're going to be so sad to see the back of! (in case PES are reading this, we may as well put in yet another plea..BRING BACK STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE SELECT!)

In the Mix now, whilst stocks last! Buy 'em alone or save £ in our 'Focus on the Pump' Stack!

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