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(Protein)POW, BLAM and KABOOM! Protein Pow Cookie Dough 'dough' you want 'em!!

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(Protein)POW, BLAM and KABOOM! Protein Pow Cookie Dough 'dough' you want 'em!!

...aaannddd POW!! Just like that, it's finally the weekend!!

It's been another frantic week of new arrivals over here (don't worry...after unfortunately missing last week's YouTube Weekly Roundup, you can rest assured the one we're going to shoot for you guys this weekend is going to be a BEAST!!) but we figured there's time to sneak one more exciting introduction in before the final curtain and there's a definite weekend-y, 'Friday Feeling' vibe to this one!! Why?'s only COOKIE DOUGH!!

Product of the colourful and creative culinary mind of the one and only Anna Sward - who's been creating protein-packed recipes, running workshops and writing blogs & cookbooks since, well, quite a while before Pick&Mix was even a frivolous glint in my eye! - Protein Pow No-Bake, Ready-to-Eat Protein Cookie Dough bars are a thing and, we're proud to say, available RIGHT NOW in the Mix!

There's more than a little of the magical about these vegan-friendly bars...and don't let the format fool you! We really ARE talking cookie dough here!! Soft, malleable, chunky and 100% capable of inciting childlike glee and, yes, of course you can bake them into real crunchy cookies, too (just cut them up, bat them out and stick in the oven for 8 mins or so!)

We prefer them as bars though, has to be said, and we're with Anna...they test BEST chilled in the fridge first (this is the best way to store them, actually!! Keeps them super fresh and moist and ready for the tr-eating!!) I mean, let's be honest, the cookie dough, brownie batter or cake mix is ALWAYS better than the final baked thing!!

With 3 POWerfully tasty flavours to start - Snickerdoodle (obv our fave!! True mild, brown-sugar cinnamon flavour!), Fudge Brownie (like rich choc muffin!) and Choc Chip (the OG!!) - Anna's covered all the bases!! 

Great taste, INSAAANE texture and all natural, gluten free, high protein, low sugar, high fibre and even VEGAN (not that you'd know!!)

From bundles (boxes of 8!) to singles available now...POW, SOCK, WHAM...these cute, colourful bars have it all and we promise you'll have tried nothing quite like 'em!!

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