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QUEST...completed!! That 'Holy Grail' flavour, Chocolate / Caramel, has arrived!

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QUEST...completed!! That 'Holy Grail' flavour, Chocolate / Caramel, has arrived!

No matter the brand or snack, the timeless tag-team of Chocolate + Caramel always seems to win out; anecdotally, statistically or otherwise, this classic combo appears universally alluring.

'Well, duh?!', some of you might say but, this in mind, it does seem odd that O.G #CheatClean kings, Quest Nutrition - makers of the first protein-packed food bar that indisputably bridged the snack-gap between 'functional' (boring) and 'candy' (fun!) - had, until now, not flirted with this Holy Grail sweet-treat flavour. Sure...several Chocolate bars (Choc Brownie, Double Choc Chunk, Choc Hazelnut) and even a kinda caramelly Maple Waffle flavour, but....never Chocolate/Caramel.

Perhaps Quest Nutrition were biding their time until they knew they could do it justice?

That MUST be is, as this would certain tally given the EPIC new flavour - none other than the incredibly sexy-sounding 'Caramel Chocolate Chunk' (!!) - that just landed in the Mix!! Talk about good things coming to those who wait!! This newbie not only *sounds* great (and, has to be said, even *looks* pretty great) but actually TASTES great, too!!

Taking inspiration from the very best, breakthrough bars in their back-catalogue, the pretty, purple-wrapped Caramel Choc Chunk is 50% Choc Chip Cookie Dough (the all-time bestseller...this flavour launched Quest bars The Protein Pick and Mix some 6 years ago!!), 25% S'Mores (there's definitely a nod to the sweetness and #ChunkPorn in this popular campfire-classic bar) and, well...25% all-new caramel decadence. All-in-all, though? 100% inimitable Questy indulgence!

Whilst Quest Nutrition never rest on their laurels - they've certainly hit us with plenty of healthy, tasty new bars, shakes & snacks over the last couple of years - this bar is a wonderful rewind to Quest bars at their original game-changing best; not only high protein, low sugar, veggie-friendly, gluten-free and packed with great ingredients but truly tasty, tempting and...yeah...just a little bit addictive, too!

A new-school bar with that undeniable, old-school (worth-a-billion-dollars $$$!) Quest vibe... the Quest Nutrition Caramel Chocolate Chunk Bar is available to Pick 'n Mix now and, of course, available in our 'Not so Dirty Dozen' Quest Bar bundle, too!

**NEW** Watch the 60 second '#SnackShot' on Instagram now (swipe right for slide 2!!)

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